City of Zajecar, Serbia – Lead Partner

Address: 19000 Zajecar, 1 Oslobozhdenie Sqr., Serbia

Contact person:

Marina Obradovic – Project Manager


Nenad Tomic – Technical Assistant



Municipality of Vidin, Bulgaria – Project partner 2

Address: 2 Bdintsi Sqr., Vidin,  Vidin District, Bulgaria

Contact persons:

Anastasiya Stoycheva – Coordinator of the project


Silvana Syuleyman – Expert “Youth issues” within the project


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CB007.1.11.207 „Development of competitive tourist attractions for year-round festival tourism that contributes to the diversification tourist products in the Vidin – Zajecar region“.
The project is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria–Serbia Programme.

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